Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 8: Moms Work Hard So Trainers don't have to.

Took the day off to hang with Eric and the boys. Cranked up the wii fit for a weigh in. Up a smidge, but that was to be expected. Skipped the workout bc little one, affectionately called Thing 2, was anxious to ride his motorcycle.

I'm not worried Bc of a very important lesson I learned from my abandoned body bug (and if you don't know what that particular weight loss fad is, you have no business reading this blog). Taking care of kids burns more calories than a workout with a personal trainer in the same amount of time.

No lie.

A few summers ago I did that whole program - trainer, meal plan, and body bug calorie burning tracker. I learned two (and only two) valuable weight loss lessons. 1. I burned 25 calories an hour when sleeping. 2. I burned more calories from 4-6 picking up the boys from school, getting dinner ready, doing homework and getting cleaned up than I did working with a trainer and hitting the stair stepper from 2-4. The day I saw that data was the day I ripped off the body bugg and decided to take my kids to the park instead - burn the same calories, and enjoy my kids while I can.

Of course, I'm back on an exercise regime, but it's about playing (I Rock at wii skateboarding!) and keeping track at a high level, while relaxing about my detailed food and activity choices.

Hmmm, sounds a lot like accountability for flexibility - the "charter school contract...". Now I'm starting to scare myself! ;-)

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