Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 15: Water is the New Coke

Weighed in this morning and....

GAINED IT ALL BACK!  All but .4 of the 2.2 sweet little pounds I thought I had lost. Somehow, in the midst of bizarre thunderstorms and an innocent little bowl of cereal at 10pm because I was STARVING all my hard work is wiped out.

I was reviewing my frustrations with my friend at work - yet another gorgeous and peppy lady with a heck of a lot of brains, who is also in amazing shape. She shared with me that when she starts to kick it into gear with her workouts, she always gains weight because she drinks more water.

And that's EXACTLY what I did yesterday. I spent 4 hours cleaning the house (and that killed my knees way more than wii fit) and chugged two liters of water in the process. I think water weighs, like, eight pounds per gallon. So that about explains THAT.

Sunchips, take heart. I have a new enemy: WATER.

I suppose that's not entirely fair. My kids also did me in tonight. I didn't make dinner for myself, expecting leftovers. I started on a little chips and salsa but as soon as Gus informed me he wasn't into the hashbrown and sausage scramble with katchup that he requested, I tucked them away and prepared for clean-up duty. I'm sure it only amounted to 2 little bitty links and two hashbrown patties... but if my McDonalds menu memory serves, those are like 6,000 calories each. These were the albertson's frozen variety, and I didn't drown them in oil, so perhaps I only consumed about 2,000. Well, even if that didn't kill me, the desert that Max didn't finish did: angelfood cake with nutella spread and fat free cool whip. He begged me to make this for him, then took about a bite and screamed that it hurt a canker sore in his mouth. Mom to the rescue... of the cake.

On the bright side, I'd hate to think what I would weigh right now if I WERENT trying so hard to eat less and exercise more. I do feel better physically than I did two weeks ago. Seriously. But I'm not used to it being this hard. Another amazing and lovely woman I know at work said she's been reading about weight loss since she was 16, and says that fat cells have memory and THATs why once you got 'em its hard to kill em off for good.

Its time for a nuclear attack. When I figure out exactly how to do that, I'll let you know!

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