Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 1: The Experiment Begins

My theory is simple:

Eat only things I like that feel a little like cheating, but in fact are semi-healthy choices. I'd rather be snacking than eating a meal anyway! So, it takes all the agony out of dieting.

And why get all embarrassed at the gym? I can get sweaty with a very nice wii-trainer in the comfort of my own PJs! (and my kids think its cool that mom plays with Wii, but I do have to give them a turn...)

Why? I turn 40 in two days.

Six months ago I was determined that by my 40th birthday I would have my 20 year old body back. Seriously, "20 by 40" was my mantra and with such a winning catchphrase, how could I go wrong?

Well, that lasted about a week. Life got in the way, as often happens.

Its a wonderful life, but I got a new really fantastic though busy job, a new boyfriend (will, rekindled college friendship, but that's for a different blog!), and my two boys thankfully still want to hang out with mom - got to grab that while it lasts.

After that failed, I took a little inventory, and here's the deal:

I've done the carb-free diet and weight-watchers, and had great success on both, but this time I don't have the time to count carbs or calories.

I did the gallon of water a day and no preservatives diet, but got really sick of peeing all the time.

I got in GREAT shape once running an 8 story mountain three times a week... but now I have a strange click in my knee.

I just need to eat less, without stress, on the go. And I need to exercise without wrecking my knee.

So, I said to heck with what all the experts, books, websites, and apps say. I'm going to snack my way skinny.

Today I bought the following at the grocery store:
Baked Tostitos
onion dip
animal cookies
lean cuisine spring rolls (and a few dinners to try to be somewhat responsible)
and, for desert, frozen blueberries and fat free coolwhip
To drink, I got the only bottled water I can stand Fiji (I like Evian too, actually. But feel like such a snob drinking it...) and 5 cal Arizona ice tea Arnold Palmer mix.

When eating out, I normally get salads anyway - its a splurge for me b/c I hate making them at home. So, I'm not stressed about that part. (and I eat out a lot)

And I'm all mii-ed in, weighed in, and BMI'd.

Here are my first stats:
Weight 175.3
BMI 29.2
work out goal: 145 calories (equals a glass of milk so I can splurge on Ovaltine if I'm starving at night!)

Anyway, figured I'd keep track here for all the other ladies who are really really tired of following someone else's plan and getting caught between the "no fake stuff" vs. "diet cheese only" crowds.

Want to do it with me? Make a list of snacks you like that aren't too bad for you, and that you can eat in smallish doses. (I LOVE sun chips, but power through half a bag at a time. They are NOT on my list, unless I think I can control myself.) Think about an easy low cal version of frozen fruit and low cal cool whip. I actually used a 100 calorie pudding cup that my kids left behind tonight. Get a few frozen dinners that you like to pop in when the rest of the fam has dinner. Then fire up your wii fit and log your status! I'd love to see comments from folks who are trying this too. And if you have "eating out healthy" hints, please let me know!

Who knows, we may just snack our way skinny!

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