Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 4: Not the weight but the inches.... really?

Finally registered a decrease today! For the last few days I was slightly discouraged, but kept my spirits up by remembering 2 things I've learned in the last 20 years of being a (relatively) grown up woman trying to stay fit.

1) Weight watchers says NOT to weigh yourself every day because there are natural fluctuations in a week of up to four pounds that can be discouraging. Their recommendation has always been to weigh in once a week, and look at the trend over a couple of weeks. I've never bought it. I'd rather know on a daily basis what I'm dealing with, and use the "over-under"as a potential mitigating factor to keep my eye on.

In today's world of instant gratification, I need to know right away if last nights fries are sticking to this morning's thighs.

However, after three days of hovering, and mild discouragement, I can see their point.

2) Muscle weighs more than fat. My personal encyclopedia of everything, Kerry, has assured me that this is the case. Given my sore body, the wii fit is definitely doing something - and the assumption is that something is turning flab into fab. Muscle has less bulk than fat, so my clothes should start fitting a little better soon even if the scale stays the same.

For my workout, I did the wii routine for "heath" which includes 9 routines around "overindulgence," "tummy," and "leaner mii". They are a combination of leg strength and aerobics. I like the bike ride where you capture flags because its the most like a real game. I added a "figure" routine for legs and burned 140 calories in 30 minutes.  Definitely more bang for the buck than yoga, but not as much more as I had expected.

I also noticed a trend line that the wii fit makes for you in the charts section. Thanks to today's drop, I'm on the downward trend, right on the  line. If I stick to that line, I'll make my goal. Nifty little tool.

I've also found that by sticking to my "snacks only" mentality I eat less in general by treating a meal like a snack. Also since I'm not starving at a meal I don't chow down as much. I do have to watch that I'm not just shoving pretzels in my mouth out of boredom, but take a handful at a time when I'm hungry at work.

And I'm getting really sick of bananas.

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