Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 2v2: I can only count so high...

Here's the new plan: I only bought food that comes in 100-150 calorie servings. And they have to be packaged that way. (except pretzels bc I know from v1 that 18 of them are 120 calories and that's about as many as I can take at once)

For example,
-sunchips variety pack, 140 Per bag
-bannana, approx 100 per fruit
-light yogurt, 90 per container
-baby bell cheese, 90 per round wax blob

So, without too much logging and counting, I can choose 10 items a day, and stay within 1000-1500 calories!

The trick will be eating out - if I can stick to salads, and do some mental math about how many of my 100 cal snacks all the toppings take up, I may be able to handle it without my brain exploding.

Yes, it's still counting - I'm basically tricking myself into thinking it's not. (self delusion can be a good thing!)

But at least I think I can avoid logging - I can remember where I am related to 10 snacks throughout the day without having to write it down...

... At least I hope so.

So, my official starting weight, though I don't have the videos yet (though I do have the boys, which is the same as a workout: see day 2v1) is 176, on the scale. Gus is playing guitar hero on the wii so I'll check in on that tomorrow.

One last revision to the plan - I don't really have time to blog every day. I'll check in periodically though. :-)

Let the (revised) experiment begin - and let's hope I can at least count to ten! If a purple Count on Sesame Street can do it there may be hope for me :-)

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 1v2: Going Nuclear...?

About a month ago I went on hiatus after a pointless two weeks of trying to eat less and exercise more without having to count anything like calories or points or minutes...

In the ensuing days I have just gone about my business - eating too much at a series of conferences I had to go to for work, compensating at home by only eating pretzels during the day and not too much at night. Also tried to stay off the soda (which occasionally worked). By last weekend I was actually a little lower than ever!

After another week of a conference with full meals and amazing snacks (ice cream and candy and popcorn - oh my!) my pants are a little tight and I'm afraid to get on the WiiFit: But get on I must.

I REFUSE to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend ever, not feeling my absolute best. He deserves it, and so do I. (Plus, he's on the skinny side and I hate the idea of a skinny husband and a plump wife...)

And so my search for the nuclear solution began: I almost had it narrowed down to the Sensa stuff that you shake on your food so you won't be hungry, and The Firm Express videos.

I did a little research and Sensa is OUT - sounds like a total crock. If you see the adds on your yahoo-mail sidebar, ignore them.

However, The Firm does seem reasonable - and the workouts are fast, 20 minute episodes. That is my speed. They are not for beginners - but I'm very familiar with squats and lunges, etc so think I can keep up. I read a review of it on Adventures in Dieting [a blog I just found that does what I'm doing but a bit more elegantly - check it out at] and ordered it.

I love the variety of WiiFit, but it takes an hour of clock time to get 30 minutes of exercise time, with all the transitions that occurr.

So, thats my nuclear workout solution  - but what about food? How do I
-eat less but not starve
-avoid crazy ingredients with annoying or downright dangerous side effects
-keep track of food without spending gobs of time logging and counting? Weight Watchers had the best results for me, twice, but the idea of spending an hour logging points every day sends me into spasms.

And, of course, the fastest and most dramatic weight loss I ever experienced happened during the initial months of my divorce, and when I had that killer 3 day, bowel evacuating flu. Don't want to do THAT again!

Another brilliant woman I know did the medfast thingy, and lost 25 pounds in about three months and now can't finish those amazing conference meals I mentioned... while I licked my filet-mingon and mashed potato filled plate CLEAN. But I worry as she weens herself off that plan whether she'll be able to keep it off. I'll keep an eye on her, but just by definition its a hormone pill or injection or something that blocks some bodily function or other. Her doctor said in short doses, like 6 weeks, its safe enough (his wife did it) - but it is also pretty expensive, and you have to manage what you eat very very very very carefully to follow their plan.

So, I'm going to practice "real science" and only change ONE variable in my junk food and video game diet experiment - the video game part (though I'll still use it to track my progress, but not do the exercise so much... kind of makes it a very expensive scale...).

I'm going to stick with the junk food diet philosophy and hit the grocery store for some new options. I may get a few slim fast bars. I used to really love the peanut butter chocolate ones... But I don't like all the preservatives.

So, for now, going nuclear is still rather undefined. Though I think I'm going to come to the conclusion that I can't do this WITHOUT logging or counting something to stay focused and mindful... and my version of nuclear will be just joining weight watchers again. It is the ultimate in data-driven decision-making diet.

But I'm going to make this last ditch effort to lose weight without it.

Wish me luck.