Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 5: Kids meals Rock!

Back on day 1 I wondered how to deal with eating out. So far my "choose snacks!" philosophy has come through. As I approach the menu board I tell myself, "I get to order snack food!" instead of "I'm Starved, whats for dinner?" and I order two tacos rather than a number six with curly fries. Or, a kids sized burger and fries can shave hundreds of calories off my meal, but I still felt like I was indulging. Seriously, I'm on a diet, losing weight, and I ate a burger and fries!!!

And on the nutrition side of things I ate a baby bell cheese - 100 calories for a chunk of calcium and live cultures. For lunch, a banana dipped in a 100 cal pudding (more calcium, total chocolate indulgence, low cal treat. Total score!) dinner was the tacos, which had lettuce, and carrots and dip for a snack tonight, with some animal crackers. Adding it up now, probably between 1000-1200 calories which is perfect, but I didn't think about that much at all during the day.

So far, the experiment is working... But I have a long way yet to go.

Just did the body test this morning on wii fit - needed a rest. Down again today :-)

Note on wii fit age: if you've never done the activity and your age is ridiculously high, don't worry. Once you understand the instructions you'll end up a 25 year old!

Boyfriend comes to visit tomorrow night. This weekend will likely put this little science project to the test...

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