Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 3.8 - A pound of bacon is worth a thousand words

The new diet is called the Very Low Calorie Diet. Also known as the HCG diet bc of the drops you take to help your body burn calories and not go into starvation mode, or something like that.

All I know is, so far it's working.

I've lost 8.5 pounds since Friday. That would be five days.

Remember those pants that were too tight last week? Wearing them! (seriously, I almost need a belt.)

Granted, I don't know how much of the 8.5 pounds was leftover weight from the two "loading days" (I call them binge bonanza!) on Tuesday and Wednesday. But after Sunday, I knew I was past shedding any of that, and into pure fat burning. Even if 4 pounds was water/binge weight, I'm still down four pounds in a week. Which is a big deal for me (see my last post).

Back when I was on weight watchers, I was only losing a pound a week towards the end, and the motivational message they offered was to go to the grocery store and head for the bacon.

A foodie's dream, right?

Alas, the bacon was not to eat.

It was for research purposes only.

The idea was to pick up a pound of bacon and imagine that as the one pound of fat that is no longer on your body. It is a lot. I prefer to think of it as all coming from my rear.

You can get the drops at hi-health. They are on sale right now for $60 instead of $75. It's supposed to be about a one month supply. The drops come with a booklet on what to eat when (mostly lean meat with two cups of veggies), plus two recipes I've fallen in love with. There are websites out there with more recipes and support.

And to top it all off, you're NOT supposed to exercise! So I can give my knee time to heal with out feeling bad, while I take off the weight that is making it hurt when I run... Or hike.

So, I've gone from junk good and video games, to veggies and lean meats. Without being abducted by aliens.

Will it last? Will my sunchip habit be too strong? Will I plateau as my body goes into starvation mode? Will I gain it all back before Christmas?

And my favorite question of all: How low can I go?

Stay tuned...

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 3.1- Here we go again

A lot to catch up on...

When I last posted, I was trying to be mindful of my calorie intake. My hypothesis was that if I broke my meals and snacks roughly into 100 calorie bundles, it would be easier to keep track of it in my head, with out needing to log food or look up stuff. It actually worked! As long as I was honest about what was really 100 calories - like, half of certain kinds of cookies, even though they looked so small... Really quite deceiving, actually. There should be a law against that...

Any way, it was a little harder to keep track of how many 100 bundles I ate than I thought it would be, And I did sort of resort to a tally sheet, but it was way easier than other types of logging I've done in the past. The most important thing it did for me was provide a clear signal that I was out of calories for the day, so when I crashed in front of the tv at night I really had to be careful of snacks. If I was starving, I snacked in 100 bundles, so I didn't binge on 500 calories with a big bag of sunchips in one sitting... And then need a chocolate bar to balance out the salt. Because that's how it works when you binge at night - in for a penny, in for a pound

(Or ten...

On my butt...)

I lost four pounds in a week, and for those of you following along in my struggle, you may notice that is the most I was able to loose that quickly.

And then, a diet disaster occurred. I came down with a nasty cold / sinus infection, which required gallons of orange juice and vegging on the couch... And as we all know, no good can come from that. Let the boredom binge begin!!!

I got over it pretty quickly, thanks to a nasty tasting herb called oil of oregano. However, it is sooooo obnoxious that it requires a strong chaser. In this case the only thing that worked was...you guessed it...sunchips. Harvest Cheddar, to be exact. Took about half a bag. The big bag. To review: nasty cold + gallon of OJ + bag o' chips + laying on couch + regular comfort meals = thousands of calories per day.

All my hard work - those four beautiful lost pounds - wiped out. Frankly, I gave up.

The bright side was my supportive, loving, thoughtful, deeply spiritual fiancé, made me feel beautiful and sexy, no matter what. In some ways, that is motivation to try again, to be at my very best for him, but I couldn't wrap my head around getting started again. And I was so busy that I ate out a lot. Another diet killer.

Meanwhile, I observed several more important things:

1. Nutrition theory (cause, frankly, it's all over the place so to me it's all a bunch of theory's - no real fact has been proven to my satisfaction. So, I try it all...) is moving back to the three meals a day with no snacks, rather than the "grazing" that was touted about a year ago. It has to do with how insulin controls energy and the cycles of fat storage and burning. I'm not describing it right - but Kerry does, and I trust her. :-)

2. I've watched two incredibly smart, down to earth, non-fad-following women lose weight quickly. These are not women who would take risks with their health, and are clear headed about their choices in life.

3. Other women started asking me when I would blog again and said that they missed it. One even told me how it had motivated her to get to the gym (and she looks great too! I would kill for her legs!)

Women are often accused of being catty and competitive, but in this case it is the support and collaboration of other women that really motivated ME to try this One More Time. (Plus, I need to order my wedding dress next month AND, probably the biggest motivator of all, my damn fat pants are way too tight. Couldn't walk in them. Ouch.)

So, thank you ladies. By sharing your own thoughts and experiences with me, I'm back at it.

And thank you, Eric, for loving me no matter what.

Now, remember the ladies in #2 above?

How'd they do it? Tune in to the next installment...

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 2v2: I can only count so high...

Here's the new plan: I only bought food that comes in 100-150 calorie servings. And they have to be packaged that way. (except pretzels bc I know from v1 that 18 of them are 120 calories and that's about as many as I can take at once)

For example,
-sunchips variety pack, 140 Per bag
-bannana, approx 100 per fruit
-light yogurt, 90 per container
-baby bell cheese, 90 per round wax blob

So, without too much logging and counting, I can choose 10 items a day, and stay within 1000-1500 calories!

The trick will be eating out - if I can stick to salads, and do some mental math about how many of my 100 cal snacks all the toppings take up, I may be able to handle it without my brain exploding.

Yes, it's still counting - I'm basically tricking myself into thinking it's not. (self delusion can be a good thing!)

But at least I think I can avoid logging - I can remember where I am related to 10 snacks throughout the day without having to write it down...

... At least I hope so.

So, my official starting weight, though I don't have the videos yet (though I do have the boys, which is the same as a workout: see day 2v1) is 176, on the scale. Gus is playing guitar hero on the wii so I'll check in on that tomorrow.

One last revision to the plan - I don't really have time to blog every day. I'll check in periodically though. :-)

Let the (revised) experiment begin - and let's hope I can at least count to ten! If a purple Count on Sesame Street can do it there may be hope for me :-)

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 1v2: Going Nuclear...?

About a month ago I went on hiatus after a pointless two weeks of trying to eat less and exercise more without having to count anything like calories or points or minutes...

In the ensuing days I have just gone about my business - eating too much at a series of conferences I had to go to for work, compensating at home by only eating pretzels during the day and not too much at night. Also tried to stay off the soda (which occasionally worked). By last weekend I was actually a little lower than ever!

After another week of a conference with full meals and amazing snacks (ice cream and candy and popcorn - oh my!) my pants are a little tight and I'm afraid to get on the WiiFit: But get on I must.

I REFUSE to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend ever, not feeling my absolute best. He deserves it, and so do I. (Plus, he's on the skinny side and I hate the idea of a skinny husband and a plump wife...)

And so my search for the nuclear solution began: I almost had it narrowed down to the Sensa stuff that you shake on your food so you won't be hungry, and The Firm Express videos.

I did a little research and Sensa is OUT - sounds like a total crock. If you see the adds on your yahoo-mail sidebar, ignore them.

However, The Firm does seem reasonable - and the workouts are fast, 20 minute episodes. That is my speed. They are not for beginners - but I'm very familiar with squats and lunges, etc so think I can keep up. I read a review of it on Adventures in Dieting [a blog I just found that does what I'm doing but a bit more elegantly - check it out at http://katdoesdiets.blogspot.com/2011/04/firm-express-thin-in-30-final-results.html] and ordered it.

I love the variety of WiiFit, but it takes an hour of clock time to get 30 minutes of exercise time, with all the transitions that occurr.

So, thats my nuclear workout solution  - but what about food? How do I
-eat less but not starve
-avoid crazy ingredients with annoying or downright dangerous side effects
-keep track of food without spending gobs of time logging and counting? Weight Watchers had the best results for me, twice, but the idea of spending an hour logging points every day sends me into spasms.

And, of course, the fastest and most dramatic weight loss I ever experienced happened during the initial months of my divorce, and when I had that killer 3 day, bowel evacuating flu. Don't want to do THAT again!

Another brilliant woman I know did the medfast thingy, and lost 25 pounds in about three months and now can't finish those amazing conference meals I mentioned... while I licked my filet-mingon and mashed potato filled plate CLEAN. But I worry as she weens herself off that plan whether she'll be able to keep it off. I'll keep an eye on her, but just by definition its a hormone pill or injection or something that blocks some bodily function or other. Her doctor said in short doses, like 6 weeks, its safe enough (his wife did it) - but it is also pretty expensive, and you have to manage what you eat very very very very carefully to follow their plan.

So, I'm going to practice "real science" and only change ONE variable in my junk food and video game diet experiment - the video game part (though I'll still use it to track my progress, but not do the exercise so much... kind of makes it a very expensive scale...).

I'm going to stick with the junk food diet philosophy and hit the grocery store for some new options. I may get a few slim fast bars. I used to really love the peanut butter chocolate ones... But I don't like all the preservatives.

So, for now, going nuclear is still rather undefined. Though I think I'm going to come to the conclusion that I can't do this WITHOUT logging or counting something to stay focused and mindful... and my version of nuclear will be just joining weight watchers again. It is the ultimate in data-driven decision-making diet.

But I'm going to make this last ditch effort to lose weight without it.

Wish me luck.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 15: Water is the New Coke

Weighed in this morning and....

GAINED IT ALL BACK!  All but .4 of the 2.2 sweet little pounds I thought I had lost. Somehow, in the midst of bizarre thunderstorms and an innocent little bowl of cereal at 10pm because I was STARVING all my hard work is wiped out.

I was reviewing my frustrations with my friend at work - yet another gorgeous and peppy lady with a heck of a lot of brains, who is also in amazing shape. She shared with me that when she starts to kick it into gear with her workouts, she always gains weight because she drinks more water.

And that's EXACTLY what I did yesterday. I spent 4 hours cleaning the house (and that killed my knees way more than wii fit) and chugged two liters of water in the process. I think water weighs, like, eight pounds per gallon. So that about explains THAT.

Sunchips, take heart. I have a new enemy: WATER.

I suppose that's not entirely fair. My kids also did me in tonight. I didn't make dinner for myself, expecting leftovers. I started on a little chips and salsa but as soon as Gus informed me he wasn't into the hashbrown and sausage scramble with katchup that he requested, I tucked them away and prepared for clean-up duty. I'm sure it only amounted to 2 little bitty links and two hashbrown patties... but if my McDonalds menu memory serves, those are like 6,000 calories each. These were the albertson's frozen variety, and I didn't drown them in oil, so perhaps I only consumed about 2,000. Well, even if that didn't kill me, the desert that Max didn't finish did: angelfood cake with nutella spread and fat free cool whip. He begged me to make this for him, then took about a bite and screamed that it hurt a canker sore in his mouth. Mom to the rescue... of the cake.

On the bright side, I'd hate to think what I would weigh right now if I WERENT trying so hard to eat less and exercise more. I do feel better physically than I did two weeks ago. Seriously. But I'm not used to it being this hard. Another amazing and lovely woman I know at work said she's been reading about weight loss since she was 16, and says that fat cells have memory and THATs why once you got 'em its hard to kill em off for good.

Its time for a nuclear attack. When I figure out exactly how to do that, I'll let you know!

Day 14: Checkpoint Sunchip


Saturday, I was sure I was on the right track. Down three pounds, just needed to get one more off before Sunday and I could claim "2 lbs a week on the junk food diet!"

No such luck. Up a pound and not sure why. Wii fit has a little quiz if you gain weight asking if you partook of various naughty activities. Then, on your chart, the dot for that day is a different color. If you roll over it you get your message to yourself about what you did wrong. I didn't use that tool very well, and have a lot of "I don't know"s. What I wanted to say was "I have no freaking clue how I can feel like I'm starving and not lose weight! AND ITS NOT MUSCLE!!! AARRRGGGG!!!"

ok, I'm better now.

So, Sunday weigh in and I'm only down 2.2 points total for the two weeks since I began this experiment. Technically, that's within the 1-2 pounds a week of healthy weight loss. So, I figure I just need to get a little more intense and make a few adjustments.

1. Do the more intense routine on wii fit. No more stepping while watching netflix. I also need to take a few of the tools more seriously, like the weight-gain-excuse-quiz.

2. Log my food better. Originally I was going to do that here, but as people have told me they enjoy this blog, I've wanted to stay entertaining and not bore you with my menu. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, I need to really look at what I'm eating. I think I'm probably sneaking in larger snack portions.

3. Really, really try not to eat at night. That's one of the tidbits of info my little scale friend told me and its something I know I'm really bad at. Its just so relaxing to chill in front of Eureka or Sanctuary or Top Chef with a nice bag of Sunchips. But they are the enemy, at least after 8pm.

So, I'll start with that and see how the next two weeks go. Of course, this week work is CRAZY and I'm not sure how I'm going to fit in the exercise part. I may have to take a hiatus and then start my clock next Sunday. If I get to bed now, maybe I can sneak in four hours of sleep and have time to get everything done...

I've heard that getting more sleep actually is better for weight loss, but it was related to sleeping less and eating more because you thought you were burning calories. I'll have to check that theory out too...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 13: Muscle Mystery Solved

First off, huge drop in weight. Excited to see if it holds steady for Sunday, my official "weigh in day."

Second, I had dinner with a very smart woman - an engineer at Boeing - who is in great shape and health conscious. She let me know that it takes at least 10 days if not a month for fat to turn into 1 pound of muscle.


Double drat.

So, my new theory on the fluctuations comes from my aunt Kim, another brilliant, beautiful woman, who also has wii fit experience. She says there are little wii feet that will stabilize it and make weigh ins more consistent.

So, I'm off to Game Stop for some feet...

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