Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 2: A Sound Theory

I first heard of the idea of a junk food diet on the radio. Research came out on the "Twinkie diet" where it was healthier to eat junk but stay under a reasonable calorie intake in order to lose weight. The study suggested that the health risks of being overweight were far worse than missing a few nutrients here or there. And, likewise, the health benefits of losing weight far surpassed the detrimental effects of a Twinkie or ten.

I don't think anyone believes it's a long term solution, but I'd rather take cool whip than slimquik. That stuff messes you up.

As for my first full day, I'm already a little sick of pretzels. But they were a good afternoon Munchie. I also had two bananas today, lean cuisine spring Role for lunch and chips and salsa for dinner.

My morning weigh in didn't go so hot, but I'm sore from the wii fit workout, so something is working right.

I unlocked "advanced" on snowball fight! (and I live in the desert, ironic, I know). That sucker seems to burn 25 calories in two minutes. But I may have done the math wrong, in my pjs, at 5am, sweating like my dad.

Well, tomorrow is another day!

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