Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 7: Skinny Girls Do it Too

It's officially been a week and I couldn't weigh in at the hotel. I can't tell how much damage I did by eating out twice. Olive Garden bread seems to always set me back a couple pounds. I limited myself to one, but my seafood stew was butter based, and came with very buttery garlic bread.

So, I started today with fruit and half a muffin.

Since I couldn't take comfort in another missing pound I tried to gauge my progress by what other women my age were ordering at the wavepool grill. The hands down winner: chili cheese nachos. And these were fit, bikini clad moms - the kind I used to be!

I started thinking back to the real skinny girls I've known. One always ordered a cheese quesadilla but only ate half. Another, mcdonalds happy meals. Another, cranberry martinis. (Ok, that's a different blog too.)

My point is, they let themselves have the yummy stuff, they just don't overindulge. The psychology is the complete opposite of the traditional diet of deprivation, which I propose leads to more bingeing and overindulgence.

So, even without a scale I think I'm on the right track.

And traipsing up the waterslide stairs for two hours is a heck of a workout.

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