Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 3.8 - A pound of bacon is worth a thousand words

The new diet is called the Very Low Calorie Diet. Also known as the HCG diet bc of the drops you take to help your body burn calories and not go into starvation mode, or something like that.

All I know is, so far it's working.

I've lost 8.5 pounds since Friday. That would be five days.

Remember those pants that were too tight last week? Wearing them! (seriously, I almost need a belt.)

Granted, I don't know how much of the 8.5 pounds was leftover weight from the two "loading days" (I call them binge bonanza!) on Tuesday and Wednesday. But after Sunday, I knew I was past shedding any of that, and into pure fat burning. Even if 4 pounds was water/binge weight, I'm still down four pounds in a week. Which is a big deal for me (see my last post).

Back when I was on weight watchers, I was only losing a pound a week towards the end, and the motivational message they offered was to go to the grocery store and head for the bacon.

A foodie's dream, right?

Alas, the bacon was not to eat.

It was for research purposes only.

The idea was to pick up a pound of bacon and imagine that as the one pound of fat that is no longer on your body. It is a lot. I prefer to think of it as all coming from my rear.

You can get the drops at hi-health. They are on sale right now for $60 instead of $75. It's supposed to be about a one month supply. The drops come with a booklet on what to eat when (mostly lean meat with two cups of veggies), plus two recipes I've fallen in love with. There are websites out there with more recipes and support.

And to top it all off, you're NOT supposed to exercise! So I can give my knee time to heal with out feeling bad, while I take off the weight that is making it hurt when I run... Or hike.

So, I've gone from junk good and video games, to veggies and lean meats. Without being abducted by aliens.

Will it last? Will my sunchip habit be too strong? Will I plateau as my body goes into starvation mode? Will I gain it all back before Christmas?

And my favorite question of all: How low can I go?

Stay tuned...

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