Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 2v2: I can only count so high...

Here's the new plan: I only bought food that comes in 100-150 calorie servings. And they have to be packaged that way. (except pretzels bc I know from v1 that 18 of them are 120 calories and that's about as many as I can take at once)

For example,
-sunchips variety pack, 140 Per bag
-bannana, approx 100 per fruit
-light yogurt, 90 per container
-baby bell cheese, 90 per round wax blob

So, without too much logging and counting, I can choose 10 items a day, and stay within 1000-1500 calories!

The trick will be eating out - if I can stick to salads, and do some mental math about how many of my 100 cal snacks all the toppings take up, I may be able to handle it without my brain exploding.

Yes, it's still counting - I'm basically tricking myself into thinking it's not. (self delusion can be a good thing!)

But at least I think I can avoid logging - I can remember where I am related to 10 snacks throughout the day without having to write it down...

... At least I hope so.

So, my official starting weight, though I don't have the videos yet (though I do have the boys, which is the same as a workout: see day 2v1) is 176, on the scale. Gus is playing guitar hero on the wii so I'll check in on that tomorrow.

One last revision to the plan - I don't really have time to blog every day. I'll check in periodically though. :-)

Let the (revised) experiment begin - and let's hope I can at least count to ten! If a purple Count on Sesame Street can do it there may be hope for me :-)

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